Bamboo tattooing can offer every style that the machine can offer and more. It is an altogether different approach towards tattooing. The technique is more simplified and links with the history of the ancient techniques performed by monks with bamboo thorns. The process is more organic. It’s a more personal process without the electricity and power of a machine. The tattoos have more of a human touch to them.


The finest tattooing needles are attached to the end of a thin piece of bamboo. Because I make all my own needle formations, I can construct a needle set up that allows for a very fine line to be achieved. The speed and force of a tattoo machine makes these single needle width lines, very difficult to exact.


The handmade process allows for maximum detail in the finished tattoo. Attention to precision, in my experience, can only be achieved by giving more thought and time to a piece of work. This also applies to the design process, the tattooing process and the aftercare process. Rome was not built in a day!