My original thoughts on this subject were that the benefits, have already been explained here in the difference of the process. The different techniques, the handmade traditions originating from monks, the machine free environment. The truth is I am fond of the handmade techniques, I don’t like the use of electricity, or the tattoo machine. They are something I don’t understand as a simple human concept. Artist and stick! It makes more sense to me.


However, the number one benefit about bamboo tattoo is the healing process. Because the skin is punctured but not torn, this results in a significant reduction in pain and bleeding. The less initial damage of inserting the ink to the skin, is a more delicate process and therefore your skin suffers less trauma.


This allows for quicker healing, and so less chance of losing ink during the healing process, less chance of infection and less complications entirely. Consequently there is no scabbing, resulting in a healing process of usually around four days. This quick healing process will help your tattoo stay the same way for as long as possible. The tattoo doesn’t crack or go patchy resulting in less need for touch ups.


Furthermore, as there is no blood to push the colour out of the skin, the ink settles deeply and no colour is lost. Bamboo tattoos tend to maintain their colour extremely well, staying bright and strong. They work very well at covering tattoos as the handmade diligence can really show in the final outcome.